Aus.Linx Technology Co., Ltd.

Aus.Linx Technology Co., Ltd. is a reliable, well-developed and professional manufacture of wireless networking & wired communication products. Since its foundation in 1996 in Taiwan, Aus.Linx Technology has been focusing on providing worldwide customers with high-quality products. Our flexible customization service on all developed devices meets different requirements from each unique client. To ensure the product quality is well controlled, all products are made at the ISO certified factory.

Wireless Router ODM, Network device ODM, WiFi ODM Supplier in Taiwan

Our company is a reputed WiFi ODM, wireless RF PC board customization manufacturer in computer & communication. We have a well-maintained quality management comprising a team of experienced professionals that keeps an eye on every individual product to ensure durability. You'll benefit from our resources, our experience and our personalized customer service. So should you have any questions or need our any products of Aus.Linx Technology Co., Ltd., please don't hesitate to contact us. We are very welcome any further inquiries and comments from you.

- Customization Service of Wireless router & Network Router

Aus.Linx has been being a reliable manufacturer of communication and network products since its establishment in 1996 in Taiwan. Relying on the technical ability of R&D advantage and the experience of customer service, we provide international clients with customization service of Wi-Fi router, network router and 56Kbps Fax Modem.

- One-stop Service

We provide not only professional hardware design of Wi-Fi routers and network routers, but also international certification consulting service. And we manufacture these products which meet the specific requirement of every development project at the ISO-certified factory. The customer-oriented ODM design process offers the flexibility to each unique client. There are already numerous clients succeeded in the market by cooperating with us to have their specific products with their own brand.

We always make concerted effort to create the optimal profit with clients and ensure the efficiency of each ODM project. We are ready to become your long-term business partner.

Below is our standard ODM service procedure for your reference.
  1. Product Requirement or Product Spec
    Customer brings up the ideas and requirements to us.
  2. Specification Study & Discussion
    After knowing customer's requirements, we study the feasibility and check if there is any suggestion we can offer. Then having discussions with the customer.
  3. Contract
    Both sides sign the needed contracts.
  4. Design
    We start to design the product according to the specification the customer concluded to use.
  5. Pilot Run & Approval
    We make a small quantity of samples to check and test for future mass production procedure. The customer approves the samples after they finish the checking.
  6. Mass Production
    After all tests and approval are finished, we start the mass production.
  7. Delivery
    Products are ready and being shipped to the customer.
Successful Examples
  • Special Specification
  • WiFi + Modem
  • WiFi + BT + ZWave
  • WiFi + PCIe
  • WiFi + SATA
WiFi ODM is being widely used today by businesses as a way to make WiFi ODM, wireless RF PC board customization. WiFi ODM can do a variety of other functions depending on what specific needs the business requires. To ensure that the requirements of this policy are met, Aus.Linx Technology Co., Ltd. will keep providing and be maintaining safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work, together with adequate information, instruction, training and supervision for all employees.