11ac MU-MIMO is Coming

Aus.Linx is going to launch 11ac MU-MIMO solution in Q3 2016.

What is MU-MIMO AP?

Most of the APs (Access Point) and Wi-Fi routers today serve the clients based on SU-MIMO (Single-User Multiple Input Multiple Output). It means they share Wi-Fi to only one client at a time. When two or more users using Wi-Fi at the same time through the same AP, they will have an inefficient experience. The reason is that the client devices take turns to receive or transmit data. Each of them cannot load anything when another device is loading.

APs usually have 2~4 antennas, but most of the client devices have only 1~2 antennas. APs hardly share its full capacity with the clients in this situation. With SU-MIMO, an AP serves one client at a time. So, most of the time there is a lot of capacity left unused.

MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output) is the new technology breaks through the limit of SU-MIMO. An AP based on MU-MIMO can serve multiple clients at the same time.

With MU-MIMO technology, APs can effectively arrange its capacity to different users. The above-mentioned unused capacity will be used for other clients. So it can share its full rate of Wi-Fi connection to many devices, having its capacity efficiently used at the same time. 


Why to Use MU-MIMO AP

More users with more devices

The number of people who use Wi-Fi network has been obviously increasing. Furthermore, the number of devices work with Wi-Fi is also rapidly soaring such as smartphones, tablets, televisions, various home/office appliances and IoT devices.

Huge data traffic

More and more applications work with high data traffic. These data hungry apps usually deliver lots of video contents or audio streaming. Many kinds of video/audio chatting apps and navigating apps are also included.

Efficient life/work

People have been continually creating these kinds of Wi-Fi using devices/appliances and high data traffic apps. The target is to make their works more efficient and make their lives more convenient and more enjoyable. MU-MIMO technology makes a significant enhancement reaching these demands.